4 Reasons to Become a MizzouNet Social Media Ambassador

In early February, MAA launched a social media ambassador program, an initiative to get Mizzou’s story in front of even more eyes. Enter MizzouNet Social Media Ambassadors, an engagement tool powered by a platform called Social Toaster:


Learn more about MizzouNet (or, if you know all you need to know, just sign up here).

Read on for 4 more reasons to become a social media ambassador for MU:

  1. Give back to MU from anywhere you can access social media – which is pretty much everywhere.
    Live far away from COMO? Short on free time? No problem. Serving as a MizzouNet Social Media Ambassador allows you to do your part to give back to Mizzou – near, far, wherever you are. A couple clicks each month has the potential to reach thousands of new eyes with important messages.Twice a month, ambassadors get ready-to-share MU content sent straight to their email inbox with the option to post directly to their own social media profiles.Here’s what it looks like:article-2
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  2. Keep up-to-date on MU current events and issues.
    In these twice monthly emails, ambassadors receive Mizzou’s most relevant content – just enough to keep you current on MU news, but not enough to clog your inbox.
  3. Amplify Mizzou’s story. Make Mizzou Stronger.
    Too often, it’s the bummer news that’s shared the most. Too often, negativity can overshadow the positive. Do your part to help spread the word about all the great stuff going on at your alma mater, like this:article
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  4. You’re an ambassador for Mizzou IRL (in real life)… So why not online, too?
    Every time you wear a Mizzou sweatshirt or mention your alma mater, you’re serving as an ambassador for your University. The great things you do as an alum reflect well on MU—and vice versa.Why not make MU part of your online presence, too?

Our social media ambassadors will help amplify all aspects of Mizzou’s story: research breakthroughs, student and alumni achievements—all the things that make you proud to be a Tiger.

Ready to help us spread the good news about MU? Sign up.

Thanks in advance for making Mizzou stronger!


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