To Coach Anderson (and all True Sons and Daughters who serve MU)

It’s a special thing when a True Son or Daughter comes home to serve the University of Missouri. 

In the world of Mizzou men’s basketball and football head coaches, you can count on two hands the number times this has happened:

And when it comes to having alumni leading both the football and men’s basketball teams concurrently, you’ll only need one hand:

  • The 2016-17 season marked the 4th time in MU history that both coaches were MU alumni.
  • During the 2016-17 season, Mizzou was the only Power 5 school with graduated alumni serving in both of these positions.

However, in the world of the Mizzou Alumni Association, we hear more of these stories than we can count: Stories of True Sons and Daughters who have found their perfect role—whether through their career or volunteer opportunities—to use their Mizzou Made talents to make MU stronger.

Whether it’s advocating for higher education through Missouri Legislative Network, mentoring students through our Griffiths Leadership Society for Women and True Tiger Network Mentorship Program, or raising funds for student scholarships through MAA regional alumni chapters — the impact our volunteers have on Mizzou is inspiring.

When True Sons and Daughters serve MU, their passion is contagious.

On social media, now former Mizzou basketball head coach Kim Anderson has received an outpouring of support, despite the team’s record.

From current players:


And former ones:Sutton

From alumni:


Even the Antlers:


And even some people outside of the Mizzou family, including the coach of a team to the west that we won’t name:

“There’s not a better guy out there than Kim,” Bill Self said yesterday in an interview.

Win or lose, the Mizzou Family is stronger when True Sons and Daughters use their Mizzou Made talents to serve our University.

Eric Edholm, a Yahoo Sports NFL writer, may have captured this essence best in the last line of this poignant story of an encounter Eric had with Kim when he was a student:

“Thanks for always being an honorable man and representing Mizzou. From a proud alum: We wish it turned out better these past few seasons, but we’ll never forget you and all you’ve done for your school.”

To Coach Anderson – and all alumni who have given of themselves for Mizzou – your Mizzou Family will never forget you and all you’ve done for your school.

One thought on “To Coach Anderson (and all True Sons and Daughters who serve MU)

  1. So many memories—from your freshman year and your family==our little children (now men with children) and Bud and I and our special coterie of friends and alumsi—YOU, Kim, have always made us proud and given us reason to call ourselves your friend as well as strong Mizzou Alums. You and Melissa light up our lives in every way. Mizzou is a better place because you have been such an integral part for so long. Best Wishes for a strong long, happy future.


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