What Mizzou Giving Day Meant to Mizzou

From noon on March 15 to noon on March 16, Mizzou hosted its first-ever campus-wide day dedicated to giving, aptly titled Mizzou Giving Day.

In terms of support raised, it was an unprecedented day in Mizzou history: If we’re putting a dollar amount on it, the Mizzou Family raised $8.34 million on Mizzou Giving Day.

New total 2

But, if you were paying attention, Mizzou Giving Day brought in lot more than that. 

It raised a priceless amount of Tiger pride and Tiger gratitude. It brought out the best in our Mizzou Family: Our Tiger generosity.

Mizzou Giving Day unleashed a wave of Mizzou spirit that Tigers had been waiting for a reason to share.

For 24 hours, the Mizzou Giving Day website and trending #MizzouGivingDay hashtag became a hub of contagious Mizzou spirit, rooted in giving and gratitude (and maybe some excitement about our new basketball coach #WelcomeCuonzo):

Words are telling, but we also know that actions speak louder than Tweets. Not only did our Tigers talk a thankful game, we backed it up with 3,590 individual gifts made.

The financial impact that Mizzou Giving Day will have on campus programs and facilities and scholarships is exciting — we can’t wait to see the ripple effects of this wave of Mizzou spirit.

Like happiness, Mizzou spirit isn’t purely circumstantial—it’s an attitude continually nurtured with generosity and gratitude for all that MU has given us.

Tigers: We thank you again for your incredible support and spirit that made our first-ever #MizzouGivingDay a huge success. Until we have a chance to top these results next year, may we embrace each day with the spirit of Mizzou Giving Day: with continuous pride and gratitude that we are #MizzouMade.

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