Volunteer Profile: Jessica Vogel

Say hi to Jessica Vogel, BA BS ’14 👋 A recent alum working in property management, Jessica strengthens MU’s presence in St. Louis through her involvement with the Mizzou in St. Louis MAA chapter.

🐯: Why did you choose to get involved with MAA?

Jessica: During my time at Mizzou I was used to being involved and dedicating myself to multiple organizations, jobs and activities. After about a year in the professional world, I missed being involved in multiple things. I chose to get involved with MAA because I wanted to devote my time to something I had a strong connection to that would also be a lot of fun. Not to mention the people are great!

🐯: Favorite MAA volunteer experience?

Jessica: Volunteering at the first annual Black & Glow BBQ at Grant’s Farm. The event was a huge success and it was awesome to see so many Mizzou alumni and families get together.

🐯: If you had to pick a different major other than the one you chose, what would it have been?

Jessica: Anthropology, hands down.

🐯: Favorite Mizzou food?

Jessica: Shakespeare’s Pizza!

Learn how you can make Mizzou stronger through involvement opportunities with the Mizzou Alumni Association, like volunteering with a regional chapter or applying to serve on a committee.

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